Terms and Conditions

Here are some Basic Terms and Conditions for Web and Graphic Design

Payment for web and graphci Design Shall be done in two phases

50% of the total payment shall be paid beforehand and the remaining 50% upon work done.

Web Content such as information, photos, shall be provided the cutomer themselves. Additional charges shall be applicable if One Technologies is engaged in content writing, photography or graphic designs.

For security purposes, cancellation of Services - either domain or hosting shall be done upon an official request in the letter head of the business. Also to prevent duplication and phising, website shall be temporarily freeze if any such requests are received.

The web application designed by One Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is a property of One Coorporation Pvt. Ltd's and One Technologies Pvt. Ltd only. Duplicating is strictly prohibited. All the MORAL RIGHTS,ECONOMIC RIGHTS,COPYRIGHTS is Reserved.

To gain full access to the works, certain charges shall be applicable. For Web Application the charges is three times the initial payment (100% during web design) made.

In case of static web design, the content, html code, images and third party scripts and stylesheets are owned by the client whereas the backend codes, core stylesheet and javasheet are the property of One Corporation Pvt. Ltd. It shall be given to the client upon payment of three times the initial payment.

Renewal fees shall be paid a day before the day of expiry. If the domain charges are not paid within 2 months, your domain will be made public and available.

Website and Hosting renewal charges if not paid after 1 month of expiry , is applicable to additional 15% charge. If the renewal is not within 2 months, the website shall be deleted from our servers and the subscription shall be cancelled.

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